Everyone Needs an Engineer!

Ken Justice – Systems Engineer / Small Business Problem Solver

I Can Help!

It may be a bit of a stretch to say that EVERYONE needs an engineer, but many small businesses could really benefit from working with a Systems Engineer such as myself.  I am your full-service engineer – I can help solve your most difficult problems.  From new product development to the improvement of existing products, I will scale my services to meet your business needs.

Core Services:

  • New product development.  I can be your Chief Engineer or a subcontractor, taking your new product through the following process:
    • Concept exploration
    • Rapid prototype development and testing
    • Concept refinement
    • Transition to patent (if desired)
    • Transition to production
  • Improvements on existing products
  • Production line creation and troubleshooting of existing production lines
  • Process creation and troubleshooting of existing processes

Other Services:

If you would like to any additional information on these services, please contact me today!

If you would like to learn more about systems engineering, please check out “What is Systems Engineering, anyway?